All your essential store metrics in the palm of your hand
Share and keep your team aligned through built-in chat
Encourage friendly competition between stores with Leaderboards
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Insights everywhere you are

With Flow, all your essential data is in one speedy dashboard, available wherever you are, on mobile or web.


Share your insights on the fly

Using Flow Chat, start a conversation, get aligned, or flag an issue. 
Encourage data-centric discussions for everyone on your large team.


Keep your team engaged

Flow's Leaderboards promote regular achievement and active, friendly competition. With store-based pricing, each member of your team gets their own account.

Insights everywhere you are

Retail managers are busy. 
Combining reports from different platforms and waiting for emailed reports from departments or locations slows down your team. They spend too much time on tedious report pulling, excel-sheet wrangling, graph fiddling, and file attaching.
Flow for mobile helps every member of your team make the right decisions every day.
We make the reports you need available instantly, on one cutting-edge app.

Our aim is to reduce the time you and your team spend on reporting to zero, so you can focus on getting things done. We even send you weekly reports straight to your email.

With Flow for mobile, your team can stay informed about their performance and how they are doing in relation to their benchmarks.  Know at any point if you and your team are on track to hit your targets. Accurate budgets, broken down by hour empower you to track your progress toward your goals with confidence.

Better decisions made faster. 


Share your insights on the fly

You have a big team.
Retail is faster and more complex than ever before. It is no longer acceptable for your team to make assumptions and educated guesses.
Flow let's you communicate seamlessly, save time and make fewer mistakes.

Flow for mobile connects your team with the information and conversations they need to optimize your stores for delightful customer experiences.  

Your managers will focus the efforts of the store team on the tasks at the right time to drive increased profitability.  

With the addition of Flow's AI and real-time features, you can empower everyone with mobile alerts and suggestions to make shopping at your stores awesome!


Keep your team engaged

You have many locations. 
Although you have a very large team, most team members have not met. Promote unity and movtivate your dispersed team with Flow's Leaderboards.

Waiting for weekly or monthly reports is not cool. With Flow, data is not just for analysis. It is a tool to promote action.  Keep your teams focused on actions that drive brand-wide performance.   Do not let your staff wait to find out how they are doing. Empower them to take action in real-time. 

Motivate & Incentivize
All available KPI can be used to drive performance and motivate teams with friendly competition.
Monthly leaderboards are constantly updated throughout the day. Our simple interface allows management to keep on eye on overall performance while promoting data-driven communication within stores, areas, or peer groups.

The first step to digital transformation is data literacy, and Flow Leaderboards make it easy for every member of every location to be active in making your brand exceptional.  


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How to get started with Flow for Mobile

Flow for mobile is available to all Flow platform users with easy steps below

1. Please register for your Flow account from this page.
2. Scan the QR codes and install the app
3. Login with the account you registered in step 1.

You are all set to GO!!

*The data initially displayed is demo data
Feel free to poke around and get a feeling for all the ways your company can benefit from Flow.
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