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3 Great Things About Working at Flow

We are currently looking for new members of the team and partners, who want to be actively involved in improving the retail industry!

We are growing!  Flow is currently looking for energetic and awesome people who want to be actively involved in building the future of the retail industry!

Here's why Flow Solutions could be ideal for you:

1.  We help the make the best retailers in the world better at their business.

 Our mission is to transform the future of retail.

Some of the most respected names in retail have implemented our system, which has directly improved their retail performance.

To date, we have installed cutting edge analytics systems in more than 800 stores.

Our clients include:
Baycrews Group, Tutuanna, Triumph International Japan, Toys R Us.

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At Flow, we believe in maximizing individual potential.  The work requires a great deal of personal responsibility but the learning opportunities are endless.  We want our company to be a place where individuals can grow and build the career they dream of.  

2.  We are building a company...and an industry.  

Retail tech, particularly IoT and AI, is still in its infancy.  The future is being written and Flow is helping write it.

In working with Cisco and other key technology partners we are developing the solutions that make the retail industry better for everyone.   

We have a vision of how retail will be.  We have created a corporate environment that adjusts and adapts quickly to deliver great customer experiences while delivering on our overall vision.  We are looking for dynamic individuals who will help us take on the challenge of scaling the next phase or our business journey.  

Click here for news releases with Cisco

It takes a team.  Through constant communication with our clients and partners, we are always creating new products and solutions.

This field is new, challenging and very rewarding.

3.  Every day you will do exciting work in a unique environment.

In building a dynamic company within a budding industry we have faced a number of setbacks and challenges.  We always have risen to the occasion by sticking to our core principles. 

・ Customer Fixation
It all starts with our customers.  The Flow team works tirelessly to delight our customers.

・ Think BIG
Flow creates and communicates BIG, bold ideas that inspire us to do great things for our customers. Most importantly, Big is much more fun than small!

・ Communicate, then help
We listen carefully and share our honest thoughts and opinions.  Both internally and externally.  We are always listening to find a better way to help those around us. 

・ Deliver Results
In life there are setbacks, but we always rise to the occasion and never settle for anything less than wonderful.  We do everything we can to accomplish great things. 

・ Action, Always Action
We will continue to learn and innovate without fear of failure. Always.

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In order to delight our customers, we have to work with purpose.

To achieve our best, we carry out study sessions and create an environment where we can enjoy both work and private life.

What are your thoughts?  We would love to hear them.

We hope you are interested in Flow Solutions.  We need awesome people who will help create the future of retail.   If our culture and business sounds like a good fit for you we want to hear from you!  

Please click here to find more on our currently open positions.  If you do not see your area of expertise drop us a line.  More than anything we need Awesome people.
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