Keep People Safe

It is a new world.
Covid has changed things...Maybe permanently.
We can no longer take our employees and customers safety from infection for granted.

Keep your spaces safe and productive.  Connect existing IP cameras or WiFi access points or use Flow's high accuracy people counters to ensure that office density and social distancing guidelines are consistently followed and reported.  

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Keep People Safe

Office Occupancy


Real-time Density Monitoring

Real-time Density Monitoring


Building Monitoring

Use Cases

Maximize Office Efficiency

80% of work is defined as 'Collaborative'.
Workers are only at their desk 40% of the time.*

Where are they the rest of the time?
Without this knowledge you cannot run an optimally efficient office.

Office expenses are one of your biggest expenses.  With Flow you can keep your employees safe while making your office buildings more efficient.
*Source: JLL

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Efficient Office Spaces

Save time. Save Money.

Facilities management teams spend too much time on tedious report pulling, excel-sheet wrangling, graph fiddling, and file attaching.

We make the reports you need available instantly, in one cutting-edge platform. Our aim is to put the information you need in front of you when you need it to help you make better more profitable decisions.  Reduce the time you and your team spend on report creation to zero. Focus on getting things done.



Flow Dashboards and Mobile Apps
Get started quickly

Get started with what you already have

Low Capital Cost - Do you have WiFi?  IP Cameras? A browser or mobile device?
Then you are ready to go!

Easy Install - Our cloud-based solution does not require complex server setups or software training.

Real-time Metrics - Up to the minute data presented in a beautiful online dashboard and in our action-centric mobile app

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Safe Spaces

Your spaces. Safe. 
In real-time.

With your existing IP Cameras and WiFiwe report on the actual state of your buildings in real-time.  
Our IoT-driven platform is a centralized command centre that manages customizable zone-based occupancy dashboards, automated density alerts and powerful real-time APIs.  

Keep your people safe and your buildings efficient.

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Need Hardware?
We have that, too!

People counting, occupancy monitoring, thermal cameras, WiFi?
All available from our convenient marketplace. If you want the insight, chances are we can help. 
We also manage all IoT sensors we sell to ensure the highest up-time and accuracy.

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Flow IoT offerings
Happy Teams

Intuitive & Easy to Use

Get started in minutes  - Seamlessly connect with your enterprise WiFi systems.
Cloud-based occupancy and density reports for  your buildings available anywhere!

Integration & Activation - Integration with your BEMS or IWMS and keep your team and visitors safe with real-time web widgets and alerts to mobile.

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 Let's talk about how we can keep your buildings safe.