How Flow's Platform Works

You can implement a smart and effective store operation by adding various IoT data in order to visualize in-store activities to the fundamental data that your company already has such as POS data.
We also have AI function that suggests predicition of the number of future customers and action proposals based on past customer numbers and weather data which makes it possible to improve store performance in general or specifically.



Step 1. Integrate
An Integrated Management of All Datas by Using Cloud

A flexible system expansion and deployment scale.
Integrate store analysis datas with all sorts of datas which your company already has in hand. Furthermore, you can deepen your insights and understanding regarding your clients through the additional analytics orders.


+ Your Data
Using Your Datas to Your Own Advantages!

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Number of Products, Sales, Transactions

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Staffs Efficiency, Number of Staffs
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Mutual Groups, Area, Weather

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Sales Floor Layouts, Marketing

+ IoT Data

After installing IoT sensors, you can collect all sorts of datas regarding in-store customer behavior.

※ Start data integration right away even by using the hardware you have now in store! You can select and expand data according to your needs.

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By measuring the number of visitors, it will be possible to do an analysis about the key element "Conversion". By using heat map analysis, you will be able to check whether the traffic line generated by VMD is going as smoothly as planned or not and also, if the display is properly known and seen.

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By using Wi-Fi measurement, you can properly take note on store dwell time and number of facade stop (the people who stop by the facade). Whether customers enter the store, if they see and have an interaction with your products. Improvement regarding products lineup, layouts, and customers will be possible as KPIs.


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Customers can be classified into six segments and measured using analysis by face recognition which is guaranteed that it will not collect any personal information at all. As a result, you can know whether measurement of the people who enter your stores and product lineups has any effects on attributes. A very crucial, beneficial, and effective data analysis in your marketing and branding operation is in your hands.

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Enable store visit rates as KPI when doing measurement. This is the most essential figure in the sales funnel, and improvement can be predicted through marketing measures, store inducement measures, and the appeal to make customers visit stores
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Notify you when a certain queue occurs at the cash register. Therefore, waiting customers at the cash register can be dealed properly and swiftly. Also, appropriate staffing can prevent the waiting customers from leaving.



You can measure the number of visitors who try the fitting rooms and also store visit rate at the same time to see how many of the total visitors are succesfully guided into the fitting room. The correlation between inducement to the fitting room and sales can also be seen and used to your advantage.

Step 2. Analyze

Convenient and Easy to Use!



Usability from Actual Site Perspective

We have many staff members who have experience in the retail industry, and are leading an advanced development. Datas can be easily accessed and seen, be it at the actual site or headquarters. A screen which can be easily understood and used even by staffs who are not used to datas.

Key point: 

  • Easy-to-use data visuals, including dashboards for checking numerical values at a glance, and detailed reports for deeper analysis
  • A function which explains words and terms in order to have the best experience in viewing KPI, Datas has been added

AI at your fingertips

Smart Decision Making Based on Your Data!

There are a lot of features which are offered to connect collected datas and lead them into action. Manage your store more smartly with action suggestions based on numerical fluctuations and future measurement of numbers of visitors

Key Point:

  • Predict the number of customers coming to the store from accumulated past customer data and weather data
  • When a store's KPI numbers falls below the average numbers if compared with numbers in the past, automatically suggests actions to be taken at the store.
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Step 3. Act

Maximize Store Performance With The Best Data Utilization Support!


High Quality Free Support

Learn how to look at data and the appropriate actions to take with our comprehensive onboarding training sessions and our e-learning site, Flow Academy.

We continue to support your data utilization through email reports, online seminars and follow-up meetings.

We Offer:

  • Flow Academy e-learning
  • Initial training
  • Email reports
  • KPI Online Seminar
  • Follow-up meeting
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Latest Features

Your Work, Easier and Simpler

All platform data is available and can be accessed through the API. This data can be directly integrated into CRM, marketing platforms, ERP, customer management systems, etc. which can be used to enhance existing data sets.

The API also simplifies day-to-day tasks such as automated provisioning of new stores, hardware, and other management elements. In addition, data output is in JSON format, making the data safe and lightweight, enabling speedy transfer between systems

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