Safe: Spaces

Flow's real-time occupancy system is designed to keep your offices and buildings safe for your most important asset...your people. 

Get back to work...Safely

Let Flow help you use the hardware you already have to safely get your offices operating safely

Camera WiFi Analysis
Data Integration
Safe  Occupancy

Use what you already have
Flow leverages your existing WiFi Access points and IP Cameras to get you started right away.

Scale Easily
Flow Spaces can handle multiple floors and access points as well as bi-directional movement within buildings and across your portfolio

Prioritize Safety
Set capacity guidelines and trigger notifications or signage content when your spaces' limits are exceeded.

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Communicate with Signage

Keep employees and customers informed to make safer decisions with real-time content on your signage displays. Need signage...we can help.

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Alert your team when spaces reach unsafe occupancy levels.  Allow team members and managers to subscribe to notifications

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Safety Alerts
Flow platform data reports


Keep abreast of how your portfolio is adhereing to your social distancing guidlelines. Flow's powerful platform delivers the reports you need to balance safety and manage expenses.

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Guidelines for Keeping your Spaces Safe and Productive


  • Set safe density targets for all of your spaces
  • Use data to communicate the situation in real-time
  • Proactively plan data-driven collaboration

Monitor Behavior

  • Manage you spaces for how they are really used by your people.
  • Set occupancy and capacity guidelines
  • Ensure guidelines are enforced with real-time monitoring. 

Portfolio Management

  • Set density guidelines
  • Schedule frequent cleaning at optimal times to keep everyone safe.
  • Analyze your how your spaces are used to improve profitability and safety

Where can you use Flow Spaces?

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Elegant teacher with students sitting at the college lecture hall


business people group at meeting seminar presentation in brigt conference room

Meeting Rooms

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Retail Stores

Need Hardware? We have that, too!

People counting, path mapping , demographics, WiFi?
All available from our convenient marketplace.
If you want the insight, chances are we can help

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Intuitive & Easy to use

No Training Needed  -  Flow has been designed by real human beings for real human beings with a simple and intuitive interface which requires no training.

Easy Integration  -  Our team will take care of putting in place all the integrations seamlessly. All you need to do is download our mobile app, FlowGo or login to our web app to start getting access to all your data in one location

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