Office: Spaces

Make the right decisions with intelligent space analytics for your meeting rooms, desk areas, cafeterias and more.

Office: Spaces

Make the right decisions with intelligent space analytics for your meeting rooms, desk areas, cafeterias and more.

Accurate data on your work spaces

Real-time Insights
Connect your WiFi and IP Cameras to Mmasure the productivity safety and occupancy of your;
  • Cafeterias
  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Open Spaces

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Reduce Expenses

Your real estate is expensive. 
Optimize your spaces for how your team actually uses it.  In-depth, real-time insights help you make profitable decisions.

Stay productive

Working from home is great but your team thrives at the office.  Give them productive spaces.  

A safe team is a happy team

Your team can check when it is safe to be in certain spaces at anytime from anywhere.

Reports & Alerts

Offices - Use your existing infrastructure to measure and monitor utilization of shared spaces and team areas. 
Space OptimizationCompare occupancy between rooms, floors, and buildings to optimize their use and reduce waste.
Meeting Rooms - Take the guesswork out of meeting room allocation by tracking meeting sizes in real-time
Cafeterias - Measure visits in order to optimize food preparation and reduce waste

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WiFi and IP Cameras

Use what you have already

Our mission is to make buildings smarter and better for use all to use.  The best, most cost-efficient way to do that is by using what is already there.

Do you have WiFi in your office?
  Of course, you do! We will get you started right away by using your access points to show how your spaces are being used. 
Do you have IP cameras?  With Flow's advanced machine learning driven,  computer vision software, we add accuracy to show exactly how each room, floor and building is being used. 
If you need to add a little hardware we can help with that, too. 
Flow's powerful platform delivers the reports you need to balance safety and manage expenses.

Why Flow?

✔ Get started with your existing WiFi and IP Cameras
✔ Powerful reporting
✔ Real-time notifications for everyone
✔ Scalable across your portfolio


Need Hardware? We have that, too!

People counting or WiFi?
All available from our convenient marketplace.
If you want the insight, chances are we can help

Intuitive & Easy to use

No Training Needed  -  Flow has been designed by real human beings for real human beings with a simple and intuitive interface which requires no training.

Easy Integration  -  Our team will take care of putting in place all the integrations seamlessly. All you need to do is download our mobile app, FlowGo or login to our web app to start getting access to all your data in one location

Click here to get started, we will be with you the whole way.

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