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Customer-centric IoT Integrations

Connect your current WiFi and people counters or deploy new IoT.
Either way, activate your locations like never before.



IoT Integrations
Understand your customers

Understand your Customers

Customers demand their shopping experiences be fantastic and they have low patience for anything else.

Flow delivers rich, actionable intelligence to your team in real-time by integrating your core retail data sources with essential customer-centric IoT sensors. 
We work with a huge variety of sensor technology to give you the clearest picture of how your customers REALLY use your stores.

WiFi, people counters, advanced sensing on IP cameras, path mapping,  demographic analysis, and more are all available. 

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Customer-centric Visibility
Easily deploy new IoT

If you need more visibility into how your customers are interacting with your shops,
we make it easy to add new IOT components wherever you need.
Existing IoT

Leverage your existing hardware

Use what you have  -  If you have existing people counters or WiFi we can integrate those right away to get you making better, more customer centric decisions right away.

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Keep your people safe

It is a new world.
Covid has changed things. Maybe permanently.
We can no longer take our employees and customers safety from infection for granted.
Flow helps you deploy spacial monitoring IoT sensors to ensure that store and office density, body temperature and social distancing guidelines are consistently followed and your people are as safe as you can make them.

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Safe Spaces

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