All of your information in once place

You have a big team.
Communicate seamlessly, save time and make fewer mistakes

You have a big team. Communicate seamlessly, save time and make fewer mistakes.


Flow Data Activation Platform

Connect all of your systems

Retail and IoT data integrations

Flow automatically pulls POS, weather, labor, IoT data and more to present it all in real-time, on any device...

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Flow GO Mobile App

Improve communication

Combining reports from different platforms and waiting for emailed reports from departments or locations slows down your team.

Share your insights on the fly  -  With Flow, all the data is in one speedy platform, available wherever you are, on mobile or web. Simply share a link to the report you are looking at to start a conversation, prove a point, or flag an issue.

Give everyone visibility  -  Each member of the team gets their own account, with their own level of access suitable to their role.

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Save time

Retail management teams spend too much time on tedious report pulling, excel-sheet wrangling, graph fiddling, and file attaching.
We make the reports you need available instantly, in one cutting-edge platform. Our aim is to reduce the time you and your team spend on reporting to zero, so you can focus on getting things done. We even send you weekly reports straight to your email.

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Time saving tools

Make fewer mistakes


Effective team decisions

Combining reports from multiple sources and doing calculations yourself in Excel increases the likelihood that mistakes occur.
At Flow accuracy is essential. Data which can’t be trusted is useless.
We automatically generate the reports that matter to you, directly from the source. Lead your team with the confidence that your decisions are data-driven and transparent.

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