Building the Future of Retail

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Client Account Management
Sales Team

Sales shouldn't just be about selling. The goal should always be to provide useful information and products. You might need to take a different approach to sales than the one you're already familiar with.

Flow sales representatives help businesses find opportunities to grow. By proposing the best solutions to any problems that might arise, we help our customers achieve success. 

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Nurturing & Marketing
Marketing Team

Our marketing team's mission is to communicate, through our marketing content, how our solutions have impacted and helped retail management.

We provide useful information to target customers, including web content production and seminar planning. This is the core of our interaction with our customers.

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Operations & Service
System Management and Troubleshooting

Our customers provide us with data that is critical to their business. We take pride in this and make sure that we are available every day. 

OPS handles everything from the installation of various solutions to hardware adjustments and troubleshooting.

Clear communication and quick responses are crucial.

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Customer Success & Experience
Customer Success Team

The mission of the Customer Success team is to help our customers succeed with our solutions.

Through online sessions and seminars, as well as activities and support, we help our customers make the most of the data we offer.

Communication, as well as the ability to understand and interpret data is crucial.

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Platform Development Team

InSight is our store analytics platform. The demand for a platform, like InSight,  equipped with machine learning will keep growing.

We are recruiting Development members, who will work together in this new and exciting field. Bug fixes, system development, product management, and data engineering are all key components of this role.

What kind of people work here
Meet Our Team


Working at Flow

New experiences and colleagues are waiting for you!


Retail-IT is still a new industry and Flow is constantly growing and evolving. This kind of environment offers infinite opportunities for learning and experiencing new things.


Our employees, including members from different teams, work together very closely. Flow doesn't have a rigid company hierarchy, so the work environment is friendly and fun.


You will be able to do work that you are passionate about during the week and enjoy your free time on days off. How you manage your time is entirely up to you.

Flow by the Numbers

Staff Age 
You can play an active part at Flow, regardless of your age.


Staff Gender
We offer amazing opportunities, regardless of gender.



Staff Language 
We're proud of our diversity.



We offer complete social insurance and generous vacation time!

Unlimited Paid Leave

If you have enough time to rest, you'll be able to work more effectively afterwards. (Yearly Holiday + Paid Leave)

An incentive system

We aim to create a system to evaluate your hard work. (Not all positions are included)

Premium Friday

Work finishes early on Fridays and the team has a casual discussion, whilst enjoying drinks.

Remote, Flexible

We understand if you have to pick up or drop off your child. You can work according to your lifestyle. You can also work remotely

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