Activated Analytics

Beyond charts and graphs. 
Bots, Alerts and Suggestions.  We get your team the information they need to optimize your stores for customer experience.



FlowGo Smart Recommendations

Increase Revenue

Increase your revenue

Your current reports aren’t quick or detailed enough to allow you to identify opportunities for growth.

Powerful Benchmarks

Benchmark everything

Flow lets you instantly benchmark performance against other locations, time periods, teams, dishes, and business targets, letting you identify every opportunity.

Staff Optimization

Cut understaffing

Our AI forecasts let you prepare way in advance by telling you exactly when you will get busy, down to the hour.

Staff Eficiency

React fast to store needs

Get notified with mobile alerts.
Our AI gives you a heads up in advance of an opportunity for action.

Happy Team

Make the most of your workforce

Lacking sufficient visibility, retailers are wasting huge amounts of money in unnecessary labor spend.

Optimization  -  Identify inefficiencies and overstaffing by comparing labor by location, role and house part.

Cost Savings  -  Identify huge savings opportunities by looking at one essential metric: your cost of labor as a percentage of sales, broken down by hour.

AI Forecasts  -  Use AI to more accurately forecast your labour requirements

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Build your Superstars

Confident workforce

Identify Training Opportunities
Rank performance of teams and individuals with employee scorecards.
Identify those who need help.

Motivate & Incentivize
Motivate your staff by easily creating competitions.
Incentivize floor staff to increase their personal add-on sales.

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Reliable Shifts
Our hyper-accurate AI sales forecasts let you cut down on the times when you need to send someone home or call someone on their day off.

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