AI Forecasting

Our advanced machine learning predicts what's happening next.

  • Optimize staffing for profitability
  • Make better decisions faster
  • Give your managers superpowers



Predictive Analytics

AI Forecasting

Flow’s Advanced predictive analytics engine predicts sales and traffic up to 30 days ahead.

Our algorithm uses historical sales and traffic data as well as local weather, holidays, and custom events.

Now you can see the future!



Build Superstar AMs

Retail managers are busy. Our AI tools help them make the right decisions everyday.

Your machine-learning assistant  - Your managers will know what to expect in each of their stores well in advance. With our AI tools your team can focus their efforts on the shops that need the most attention, driving increased profitability.

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Retail Superstar

Optimize Conversion

Conversion Optimization

Easily set staff schedules to match predicted traffic

Flow's forecasting helps you stop wasting money.  No more scheduling too many staff members at quiet times and too few during busy times. 

Improve conversion.  Drive Revenue. Lower staffing costs.

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Empowered Staff

Eliminate Understaffing

Understaffing is the number one cause of workplace stress for retail employees.
Flow’s AI forecasting allows you to ensure that at busy times you will always have enough staff members to drive revenue.  Convert browsers to buyers, speed check out and make your customers happy. 

 Keep your team happy, and keep them with you for the long run.


Clear, Visible Targets

Incontinence your real superstars and retain your best talent with the help of our AI forecasts. Reward managers based on highly accurate targets. 

Know at any point if you are on track to hit your targets. Accurate budgets, broken down by day empower you to track you progress toward your goals with confidence.

Target Visibility

How could Flow power-up 
your retail business ?