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AI-powered software that helps retail executives, marketing, and store teams understand and communicate about customer experience. 

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Store Communication Platform
Optimize Chain-wide Performance

For Marketing

See which shopper demographics are responding to marketing campaigns at each store or peer group. Adjust marketing messages in each area to drive traffic to high conversion stores.
Optimize in-store promotions and service levels for high traffic and lower conversion stores. Determine which product ads were driving traffic or which were leading to higher conversion.
Improve store layouts and product placement to maximize the conversion of individual product categories.
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Connect with your stores better than ever before.

Retailers have fallen behind in designing profitable omnichannel shopping experiences that modern customers desire.  Leverage Flow's real-time, AI-powered retail communication platform to understand what is happening in each area of every store in the entire chain and ensure that everyone, from the floor staff to the CEO, has access to information that empowers them to make profitable, data-driven decisions. 

managing the old way
managing the new way

Our Solution



Visitor behavior data gathered with IoT is useful on its own, but it becomes even more powerful when integrated with other essential sources of retail data, such as POS, staffing, campaigns, location attributes and more.  



Flow's AI-powered platform provides clarity into the how customers are using each location but also into the coming hours or days.  
Even for store managers not accustomed to using data, suggested actions and hints are only a click away.



With data driven decisions, retailers can launch marketing campaigns and tailor in-store operations to better meet customer expectations and provide an optimized shopping experience. 

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How Flow Works
Delivering intelligence for the world's best retailers is at the core of Flow and we take it very seriously.
We leverage a combination of IoT, machine learning and your existing retail data to enable customer-centric conversations.

If you need a little help, our Customer Success team has developed a suite of e-learning tools and online professional services that are available right from the platform. 

Now everyone, in all stores, can work toward designing the best customer experience possible.


Unite your fragmented
internal data ecosystem


customer-centric data via IoT. 
Automate key process with AI


Strengthen communication by structuring conversations around data


The right tool for your retail business
communicate across teams with customer-centric data from the store to the C-suite

Sales Floor

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Do your shops help your customers buy the way they want to?
Build repeatable merchandising initiatives that drive conversion.

Measure Campaign

business documents on office table with smart phone and laptop computer and graph financial with social network diagram and two colleagues discussing data in the background

Are the customers you targeted coming to the stores?

Are they coming in the quantities you need?

Data Driven
Business Plans

Business team analyzing market research data

Focus the entire company on actual store activity.  Empower every team conversation to focus on the customer at all levels.

Staff Levels &

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Ensure that wherever and whenever a customer visits they have the experience they expect.  Staff appropriately.

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