Asia Pacific Entrepreneurial Company of the Year 2020!

by Sawako, on 2020/08/04 17:30:00

Chad Stewart, CEO of Flow Solutions, will be accepting the award for 2020 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in Crowd Analytics for Buildings at this year's Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards.


About Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards 

Frost & Sullivan has identified the outstanding companies from the Energy, Building &  Information Communication Technologies sectors in Asia Pacific.
Frost & Sullivan's intent is to help drive innovation, excellence and a positive change in the global economy by recognizing best-in-class products, companies and individuals.

Awards Overview

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards have identified and honored best-in-class companies that have demonstrated excellence in their respective industries.

Award recipients were identified based on in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research conducted by Frost & Sullivan's analysts. Companies are typically studied on their revenues, market share, capabilities, and overall contribution to the industry in order to identify best practices.

For the Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently elucidated the following key benchmarking criteria:

1. Market Disruption
2. Competitive Differentiation
3. Passionate Persistence
4. Price/Performance Value
5. Brand Equity
6. Customer Ownership and Service Experience

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Awards Overview

Message from Chad Stewart, Flow CEO, upon receiving the award

We are very happy to receive such an honor. Since launching our platform in 2017 we have been focused on making our physical spaces safe, efficient and profitable through the activation of real-world data.
Our team has worked tirelessly to build the best platform available and I could not be more proud of their efforts. We are extremely excited about the future of our company. We would like to thank all of the people who helped us get this far from our fantastic customers to our enthusiastic investors and all of our team members.

■About Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan, founded in 1961, has more than 40 global offices with more than 1,800 industry consultants, market research analysts, technology analysts and economists, monitoring close to 250,000 companies in 300 industries. We are a growth partnership company focused on helping our clients achieve transformational growth as they work through an economic environment dominated by accelerating change, increasing risk and the powerful disruptive impact of the conversion of new business models, disruptive technologies and mega trends on their industry.

About Flow Solutions

Starting in 2016 Flow has provided it's AI-powered platform to more than 800 locations in including offices and retail stores. 
Real-time behavior data is gathered through a variety of IoT integrations including people counters, WiFi access points and IP cameras.   Flow's mission is to make this real-world data actionable to drive efficiency in our physical spaces.  From office buildings to retail shops we help businesses understand how to improve the efficiency and safety of their spaces.

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