The Importance of Occupancy Counting

The strict occupancy limits will be essential for safe shopping. Even once retail businesses reopen it's the responsibility to keep employees and shoppers safe.

In most cases, the strict occupancy limits will be essential for safe shopping for the foreseeable future.  Even once retail businesses and venues reopen it is the responsibility of all shops an venues to keep their employees and shoppers safe.

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Department stores, malls and shops will need a way to not only count how many customers are inside, but prove that the recommended limits have not been exceeded. Flow provides Eddy, an occupancy monitoring solution with industry leading accuracy. This provides both a real-time occupancy count inside a space (allowing management to optimize the number of customers at all times) and produce a historical record that can be audited.

Our simple to deploy solution requires little capital investment and keeps your entire organization informed.  

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  • Keep Employees Safe
  • Keep customers informed of the best and safest times to shop
  • Build customer loyalty with caring, thoughtful real-time information
  • Schedule the ideal times for cleaning
  • Optimize your staff scheduling

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