Build Loyalty - Inform your customers of actual Occupancy and Density

by Chad, on 2020/05/22 14:41:39

No one enjoys waiting in line or feeling unsafe.
That is the opposite of a pleasant customer experience!

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Flow's real-time occupancy monitoring can inform your customers of the best times and locations to visit. Leveraging Flow's APIs, notifications can be delivered to websites or mobile apps to inform shoppers when the occupancy at each shopping centre, department store, or shop is low, moderate, or high. Empower your customers to plan their visits according to the safest times and build real customer loyalty. 


By proactively providing occupancy information, shoppers will know exactly what they’ll encounter when going to one of your properties.  When presented with the choice between one of your shops that publicly displays occupancy and a competitor who doesn’t, the choice becomes clear.

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